30 Minute Navajo Tacos


Ever since I can remember Navajo Tacos have been one of the biggest traditions in my family. My grandmother was they key to this tradition. She would make them at every big family gathering that we would have. Camping out at the Ranch. The Fourth of July. Just visiting at her house. When the church missionaries would come over for dinner she would make them then as well and end dinner with delicious peach cobbler. From what I hear, the missionaries would count down for the next time they would be able to eat the famous Navajo Tacos that were prepared by my Grandma.

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Easiest Enchiladas Ever

Spanish Sou

Does anyone else out there feel like they cook a themed meal weekly? Saying that my husband loves Mexican food just might be an understatement. But, he LOVES it and it seems like tacos make their way around our house weekly. I am not saying there is anything wrong with Tacos because ….. c’mon their tacos!

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Garlic Ranch Dressing

Ranch Dressing is such a wonderful thing! Its one of the best dipping sauces out there in my book! I always feel like when you buy it in a bottle or jar at the store it always seems to taste different and I could never truly pick a favorite. But I have one it just isn’t a Ranch Dressing you get at the store. It’s HOMEMADE!

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Why DIY?

There are quite a few people out there in the world that think that just buying the decor or item that they want is cheaper than to DIY. In my opinion this logic is ONLY true for newbie crafters. My reasoning for this is that if you have been crafting and DIY for a while the chances are that if you were wanting to make something.. you would already have the materials needed from previous projects.

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Cheap and Simple DIY Valentines Day ideas


There are some people out there that go to extreme measures to go ALL OUT for Valentines Day and that’s great. But for Andy and I we try to keep it simple and that’s what makes it more fun in my opinion. It costs a lot to buy a diamond necklace or go on a lavish weekend together. Especially since this holiday of love falls right after Christmas. I have a few ideas for those of you who are completely STUMPED this Valentines Day or maybe you are still catching up from Christmas.

I saw these Jars at the Dollar Store… You read that right! The Dollar Store. I actually find a lot of fun DIY projects in there.

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Inexpensive High Quality Sports Bra


Whether you are a homemaker, workout junky or just a sweats lounger when your not at the office, This is the perfect bra for you! If you are anything like me wearing bras is like wearing a zip-tie around your chest. I am a stay at home mom and I love a good yoga pant and sports bra kind of day. The only issue is whether we like it or not bras are expensive and even a good sports bra is around $20 for 1.  I found the perfect high quality supportive bra on amazon. The best thing about this deal is it comes in a pack of 3 for less than $25. I often feel guilty when I spend money on myself because I think that every cent needs to go to my child or buy something at the grocery store. I have found that I am not really alone in feeling that way. So a good deal is almost always worth splurging for.

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Welcome Post


I absolutely LOVE decorating for the holidays, whether it’s for Valentines Day or for Easter.. It doesn’t matter because my house will be ready for it. But, besides putting a wreath on your front door .. why not decorate your porch a little bit! My mother in law made this AMAZING wood post that she decorates throughout the year. I just had to get in on all of the fun. I think the Welcome Post gives off a warm inviting feel when your waiting for someone to open the door and it just looks so cute by your front door or where ever you decide to put yours. So here’s how to make one!

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About Me

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Hello There!
Welcome to my very first blog post. I am so excited to share the world of Rebecca with you all. My head is just full of so many ideas and thoughts I swear I have to sit down sometimes just to get my mind to relax. I am constantly thinking.. I often have a problem where I tend to think out loud sometimes.. (which never ends well). Nothing negative, but when someone is telling a long and suspenseful boring story.. I respond with “PUPPIES! How cute are they??”.  Again, It never ends well!
I thought for my first post I would give a little background about myself. So here it goes:
I was born in Riverside California in 1990 and lived in Apple Valley California until I was 8. I was raised by my grandparents which I LOVE to brag about because.. lets face it. Who wouldn’t want to have endless sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpas house. Am I right?! After my grandfather retired we moved back to my grandparents home in a little 5,000 populated town called Kanab, UT. I absolutely loved growing up there. The red hills were absolutely gleaming during the morning sunrises and the red dirt was perfect for a typical ATV drive down to the creek for a swim. I participated in as many extra curricular activities in High School as they allowed me to. Sports are foreign to me. I was never coordinated when it came to catching a ball. I was tried to play tether ball in elementary school and somewhere i forgot to hit the ball and it smashed my face and i was sent home with some bruises and a bloody nose. Graceful I know.
I graduated High School and moved to St. George where I started and dropped out of College after 1 semester. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up and wanted to play instead. I finally got my little tush moving and went back to school for Dental Hygiene. I finished my pre requisites and also received my certification in Dental Assisting and Dental Radiology. I worked as a Dental Assistant for 5 years.
I met Andy Crane in a Communications class.. (go figure). We were in a group project together and he thought he was so sneaky in getting my number. He had all of the group members write down their numbers in his notebook so that he could get a hold of us if he needed something. I knew he was just trying to get my number. We went on a few dates and sort of went separate ways. about 6 months later i moved to a new place. And that’s when the most CRAZY perfect fateful thing happened… Andy was my New Neighbor! We ended up dating steadily and became engaged and married almost 3 years ago. Andy is my best friend. We are both equally stubborn and have never been mad with on another for longer than an hour. He has always been supportive of me and anything I wanted to do.
We got pregnant a month after we were married and welcomed a baby boy into our family. I don’t think our lives have been more full of adventure since Braxton came along. He keeps us on our toes and I think I have every episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse memorized.
After Braxton came along I decided to leave my Dental job and stay home to be completely hands on with our sweet boy. He is almost 2 and is beginning to be more independent. I have had a little more time on my hands and that is why i decided to take up blogging!
I have never been great at keeping a journal, and my friends have absolutely every product out there that i could sell covered. So I thought about something that I could do that would be for me. Something that I love and am passionate about.
I am all about Crafting. Crafting is my Zoloft I swear. It completely relaxes me and I love creating the ideas that pop up into my mind. I am solely addicted to Pinterest but sometimes if I really like something on there it will take me to a place where I can buy it or it will just be the picture of the thing that I’m interested in making.
So that brings me to what this blog will entail. I wanted to share some of the projects Ive done and include how to make them. I also am going to be sharing recipes or products that Ive tried that i cant live without. For me learning about other peoples reviews on products or trying different recipes is beneficial to my family. I love being a homemaker but i have learned that it is A LOT of work and new ideas are always fun to come across so i hope this blog will be exciting for some of you moms out there