Eczema Remedy (Product Review)

Eczema is a common condition among a lot of people. My husband and I both have a genetic history of the skin disorder on both sides of our family. Our son was diagnosed with the skin rash at 3 months of age. I remember trying countless lotions and ointments and nothing seemed to help! We had relief from Cortizone cream and used that for awhile. Our doctor recommended to find an alternative lotion because too much steroid cream could lead to the skin thinning.

So out we went again spending hundreds of dollars on lotions and remedies to find which would be the best for our little guy. He would get so itchy and dry that it would be hard for him to sleep soundly at night.

The definition of eczema according to Mayo Clinic is:

Atopic dermatitis usually develops in early childhood and is more common in people who have a family history of the condition.
The main symptom is a rash that typically appears on the arms and behind the knees, but can also appear anywhere.
Treatment includes avoiding soap and other irritants. Certain creams or ointments also may provide relief from the itching
After months of searching for the right remedy we FINALLY found it. It is called Metaderm Natural Eczema Cream by HAUS. They also have a milder Baby one. They sell it in both lotion and soap. We usually order the big bottle and we’ve only had to order 3 bottles in about a year and half. That to me is a GREAT deal.
I am writing this review in hopes to help other parents out there or maybe you need a relief remedy for yourself. Regardless I remember spending so much money and time looking for the right product to give my little guy relief. If you are wanting to try something different I highly recommend this Metaderm cream to try. It is natural and it lasts a long time for what you pay.
I do understand that everyone is different and just because it worked for us doesn’t mean it will work for you but Hey, trying it out never hurt right?? I am just trying to spread awareness about this product because it was EXTREMELY effective for us, affordable and made with natural ingredients.
Check it out!

Metaderm Natural Eczema Treatment

Bathroom Organization Tips

My Husband and I are currently renting our home and space is something we DESPERATELY need at times. I am such a neat freak so if there is clutter i usually end up throwing a lot of stuff away. I also love to decorate so finding ways where I can decorate and be organized at the same time is a GOLD MINE in my book! I have listed a ton of DIY organization and decorative tips you can do with both owned homes and rentals.

the home makers

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Got Mason Jars?

We all have random stuff all over our house right? Some people may have a ton of Mason Jars left over from canning projects or perhaps a party. What the heck do we do with all of them? I know if you watch the Pioneer Woman you might see her drinking out of one instead of a glass or she uses it to mix homemade salad dressings together.

I came across a blog awhile back about mason jar decor and ideas on how to up cycle them into beautiful and simple decor for around the home. If your interested in maybe seeing some of her ideas her blog is .

12 DIYMason Jar Ideas

A lot of what I have included are for sale around the web. I know there are people who are absolutely clueless on how to make things or don’t know where to start. I wrote out exactly how to make each item listed yourself for a lot cheaper than if you were to just buy them online.

Below are some great ideas for those Mason Jars that take up way to much space in your cabinets. So before you haul them off to the thrift stores take a look at these fun projects!

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Easy & Creative Easter Baskets

Putting together Easter Baskets can either be stressful or it can be fun! I came across quite a few unique and creative Easter baskets for all ages. In our family we just do baskets for kids but I thought some of the adult ones were really fun and creative as well. 

Over 20 Creative Easter Basket Ideas

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Deco Mesh Easter Wreath Tutorial

I love Easter! The colors are always so bright and vibrant and it seems like most peoples yards are in full bloom. Except for ours.. we have been slacking this spring. It has been so busy for us this season. I’m hoping we will end up being late bloomers. 

Besides my yard I love to decorate my house and its a HUGE pet peeve of mine to not have a wreath on my door. Like seriously…. I’m OCD about it. Wreaths can be pretty expensive especially making them yourself. I insist on making my wreaths because they can be as big or small as I want them to be and have the look I want. The key to making wreaths is to buy your supplies after the holiday has ended. Last year in 2016 I bought most of my materials at Michael’s Easter 75% off sale. In the end if you plan things out right it is in fact Cheaper to DIY.

This year in 2017 is how I made it. 

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