4th of July Door Hanger

This DIY Fourth of July hanging decoration is so simple to make and looks great anywhere you hang it!

The Fourth of July has always been such a HUGE celebrated Holiday in my family so it has been one of my favorites to celebrate. I love everything about it, from engaging in summer fun activities, snow cones, fireworks, BBQ’s, Swimming. You name it! Everything about those things spent with family are memories worth making.

I saw this project on Pinterest on thought it was so CUTE! I knew I wanted to make it. I always think that the most simple projects end up being the cutest decorations.

I also wanted something to hang on my Welcome Post. If you are wondering how to get one of those than check out how to make your own HERE!

www.cranecreations.org (1)

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Picture Frame Calendar

Don’t throw out those old frames sitting in your garage. Up cycle them into a cute and decorative dry erase calendar!

I loved this project. It is one of my most used and favorite things that I have made. As a mom it seems like I am always on the go as well as most moms you might meet. I actually made one of these a few years ago but it ended up falling and breaking. I was SOOO SAD! So I decided to make a new one.

This is so much fun because you can do so many things with this. Usually when you buy a calendar that’s dry erase or chalkboard they include so many other things that you don’t need like menus and to do’s. It usually takes up a lot of unwanted calendar space and is usually WAY overpriced. Making your own is effective because you can add what you want to it, Make it the size you want, cheaper and looks decorative.

Here’s how to make one!

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Cake Stand Decor


I’ve always loved walking into a house and seeing fresh pastries or cakes underneath that glass covering on a cake stand. It always seems so homey and welcoming to me. I love displaying goodies in the kitchen but i’m finding that cake stands can serve more purposes than by just displaying desserts or collecting dust on your pantry shelf.

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