15 Inventive Christmas Tree Themes

Christmas Tree O’ Christmas Tree! here are 15 Inventive Christmas Tree Themes and clever decorations.


Growing up, I was raised by my grandparents and my grandma always had the MOST beautiful Christmas Trees. Glass ornaments, pearls for garland and just gold and crystal and elegance. I always told myself I was going to have the most gorgeous and thought out Christmas tree.

I think that we all have Monica Geller’s (FRIENDS) POPD.. AKA Perfect Ornament Placement Disorder. I definitely do and it is so hard when you have kids who are constantly wanting to decorate the tree, and redecorate on an hourly basis.

Now I have a 2 year old and the ornaments just do not stay on the tree, I have plastic ones. And this year I settled for just lights on our tree because my toddler uses the ornaments as ping pong balls to bounce off the kitchen floor. SOMEDAY I will have my amazing beautiful tree.

The Christmas Tree is the centerpiece of ALL Christmas decorations. Some people decorate their houses to match their trees. As I was searching the web for new holiday decor inspirations I didn’t realize how many amazing and unique Christmas tree themes there are. Here are a few of my favorite ones.


Santa Clause Theme

Christmas ~ Christmas tree with Santa hat as a topper.                                                                                                                                                     More

Source: Style State

This is really cute and decorative. It looks like random stuff just hung on the tree to represent Old St. Nick and I am loving everything about it.


Snowman Theme

Lovely snowman christmas tree to make using mesh!

Source: Crafty Morning

Just wrapping mesh around your tree to make a snowman is a great and easy idea. My mother in law has a snow man tree that she actually made! It’s such a clever idea.


Rainbow Theme

Gradient Christmas Tree| LOLO ~ I love how colourful this tree is!     ᘡղbᘠ

Source: Inspired by Charm

Ombre Hairstyles are “IN” now a days. But what about a rainbow ombre tree??  I actually really like this.


Disney Theme

<center><a href="https://www.pinterest.com/pin/32721534773494392/" target="_blank">Cara Ladron</a>

Source: Pretty My Party

A Disney themed tree would be a fun idea for kids as well as collectors. Seeing this tree SCREAMS a Disney Land trip is in store. It would be a cute way to announce to your kids they’re going to Disney Land as well.


Peppermint Theme


Source: Create Crafts

Peppermint tree’s are a little more popular. I personally think they’re among my favorite style of tree decorating.  I love the white and red together but it doesn’t clash with other decorations you might put out next to it.


The North Pole Theme

North Pole Christmas Tree - love the post cards!

Source: Trendy Tree

Doing such a whimsical and fun tree is always a plus. This is similar to the Santa Clause tree. A bunch of random ornaments and flare in the same color pallet. Really CUTE!



Résultats de recherche d'images pour « gold christmas trees »

Source:My Christmas

This is an example of a tree my grandma would love. I think doing a tree like this is great and elegant especially for formal parties or leaving up until after New Years.


Red & White

LOOKandLOVEwithLOLO: Oh Christmas Tree...

Source: Top Inspired

I Love red and white Trees. Another peppermint style but not as much bling because the tree is already white.


Avengers Theme

Superhero Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest Image

Great Idea for toy collectors or just an ALL boy house.


Gingerbread House

Candy Theme Christmas Tree – Christmas Tree Themes & Color Schemes

Source: Dotcom Women

This is another whimsical looking tree. I bet it smells AMAZING.


Lego Theme

LEGO themed Christmas Tree auctioned for charity.

Source: Decor Logix

Another Toy themed tree but so fun. My little boy would DIE over this.


Doctor Seuss Theme

Holiday, Hoobie, Whatty? Our Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree (2013)! - A Pop of Pretty: Canadian Decorating Blog | A Pop of Pretty: Canadian Decorating Blog

Source: A Pop of Pretty

I know there are a lot of Dr. Seuss lovers out there but how fun would this be in a classroom? If you look closely you see there are picture drawings for ornaments. I think this would be really neat for a classroom activity.


Snow White

50+ Latest Christmas Decorations 2015 | Christmas Celebrations

Source: 365 Greetings

This tree reminds me of Joanna Gaines. But what I love about it is the Merry Christmas strung across it. You just don’t see that very often.


A Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas tree

Source: Pinterest Image

I know I have a few friends who have Nightmare Before Christmas Tree’s. I think that adding all of the glitter and snowflakes really does make it festive.


Country Theme

65 Sensational Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas

Source: Shanty 2 Chic

I am loving the use of burlap instead of ribbon on this style. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the galvanized bucket as a skirt instead of fabric or seeing a tree stand.