4th of July Door Hanger

This DIY Fourth of July hanging decoration is so simple to make and looks great anywhere you hang it!

The Fourth of July has always been such a HUGE celebrated Holiday in my family so it has been one of my favorites to celebrate. I love everything about it, from engaging in summer fun activities, snow cones, fireworks, BBQ’s, Swimming. You name it! Everything about those things spent with family are memories worth making.

I saw this project on Pinterest on thought it was so CUTE! I knew I wanted to make it. I always think that the most simple projects end up being the cutest decorations.

I also wanted something to hang on my Welcome Post. If you are wondering how to get one of those than check out how to make your own HERE!

www.cranecreations.org (1)

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Red White and Blue Paint

  • Glitter

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Sand Paper

  • Large Unfinished #4 (they sell these at craft stores or Home Depot)

  • Small Letters for J-U-L-Y (they sell these at craft stores and Walmart)

  • Ribbon



The first thing that I did was paint the #4 in a red gloss paint. And let dry. Because of the wood type I had to apply about 3 coats of paint. The size of the #4 I used is 16 inches.


For the JULY letters. I wanted to alternate between blue and white. So I painted the letter “J” and the letter “L” Blue and then applied blue glitter to the letters.

For the letters “U” and “Y” I painted them white and then applied white glitter to them for a more shimmery look. I wanted the JULY to really stand out.

As soon as the letters dried I hot glued them onto the #4 and then sanded the edges.


After sanding you can see where there is caked on sawdust so I went over everything with a wet wipe or wet paper towel to clean it up.

The mistake I made on this is that I should’ve sanded the #4 before I hot glued the letters on. It would’ve been A LOT easier!


The next step that I did was cut 2 strips of ribbon and then hot glued them to the back of the #4.

Now Hang where you want it! I hung mine on my Welcome Post by the front door.