Decorating Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style decorating is becoming the new trend more and more thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines. The more older that I get the more I discover what my style is like. I will admit that I change my mind several times a year but there is something about modern farmhouse decor that sticks with me.

Fixer Upper has been one of my favorite shows for years now.  I think I can speak for most of us when I say that Joanna Gaines is basically our spirit animal. I absolutely LOVE her design plans with her light colored walls and her stained wood accents. It is also really simple and most of the time inexpensive to incorporate farmhouse into your home. I put together a few ideas that are so simple it even blew MY mind!


Some of the things I found with farmhouse decorating is alot of the small accents you could find at the Dollar Store, Goodwill Stores or even local thrift stores. They might not be the color you want but chalk painting or spray painting them will be a quick fix to that.




DIY Floating Shelves just like the ones from Fixer Upper! Make 2 of these for about $10! Great way to add farmhouse charm to any room!

Tutorial: Thrifty and Chic

I am absolutely IN LOVE with these shelves. I never knew how easy they were to put together until I saw this tutorial on how to make them yourself. They look so elegant and clean as well as add a rustic charm to any space you put them in. I also love that you can decorate them up with fun antique finds.


DIY Bathroom Sign

Create this adorable DIY Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Sign with this easy to follow tutorial!

Tutorial: Cherished Bliss

Adding distressed metal to the space is a great look as well as adding more to the theme other than wood. This is a simple tutorial to make a bathroom sign using a wooden plaque from your local craft warehouse and then hot gluing galvanized letters onto it. I think I am totally doing this idea!



The Easiest DIY Farmhouse Candlesticks. Check out this easy tutorial to see how old spindles were used to make farmhouse style candlesticks in just a few simple steps!

Tutorial: Little Vintage Nest

Buying new candlesticks can be pricey. But often you will find a set at a thrift store or yard sale that you can chalk paint and then distress or antique. In this tutorial she used table legs. Candle sticks give any space charm as well as a simple but yet decorative accent to any space.



Thrift Store Finds


Tutorial: Sincerely Sara

The picture is pretty self explanatory but I love this idea because these things are so cheap at goodwill stores and thrift stores. If you were to buy them at an actual store You would be paying anywhere between $10-$20 for just one item. They would make a great display in a china hutch or even bring them out for serving platters at family gatherings.



Kitchen Herbs


Tutorial: Rustic and Woven

This project is on my to-do-list! In this tutorial she chalk painted terracotta pots and then stamped the letters onto them to spell out the herb. I think they are so cute and look great. I think clean looking herbs in the kitchen is a great idea. They offer a convenience as well as add greenery and charm to any space.


DIY High Beams


Tutorial: Jenna Sue Design

In the show Fixer Upper you will see ALOT  of beams in the design plan. Most of the time they use heavy real beams in the homes but I have seen them do wrap arounds like in this tutorial. I love this especially for those who have high ceilings. They give the ceilings a more drastic look and the eye will be drawn to the massive ceilings as well as give great symmetry to a room.




11 Gorgeous DIY farmhouse signs that are perfect for personalizing your walls without spending a lot of money.-

Source: Christina’s Adventures

Simple LARGE worded signs are great in decorating. They take up space which means less clutter in decorating and are also inviting to guests and members of the household.


Pantry Organizaton

Source: Creative Green Living

For me I am always looking for organization tips. Organizing the pantry with crates and over sized mason jars is a great idea. It serves for a clean look but still being decorative….. IN YOUR PANTRY! If that isn’t a terrific idea I don’t know what is! The pantry door is meant to be closed but If my pantry looked like this I wouldn’t mind showing it off.




Cheap & Easy Farmhouse Shiplap Wall for less than $15 | How to install a faux shiplap wall | Update your boring bathroom with easy Farmhouse DIY | DIY Ship Lap Wall in Bathroom | How to update your bathroom | Installing shiplap | Fixer upper bathroom | Get fixer upper style in your bathroom | Do it yourself shiplap | Plank wall that looks like shiplap | Shiplap in bathroom | Farmhouse wall in bathroom | Shiplap before toilet | Check out this easy Farmhouse DIY

Tutorial: Making Manzanita

Adding a ship lap wall is a fun accent. I really like how they did this behind the toilet jazzing up a small space. I think this would be a great accent wall idea even on the wall of where your bed goes.



Triad of Narrow Whitewashed Mirrors Accented with Eucalyptus Wreath

Source: Home BNC

Adding a wreath to mirrors, windows, picture frames, walls, etc. It is a great accent to any room. As well as bringing in a little color into a rustic room. I for one am obsessed with wreaths. I feel like a piece of me is missing if there isn’t a wreath on my front door. So I love the idea of bringing a small one into my home somewhere as an accent piece.


Antique Doors

Repurposed Antique Door Farmhouse Decor -

Source: Down to Earth Style

I don’t think you can watch Fixer Upper without Joanna bringing in an old antique door that she found. I think adding one in places such as the pantry, laundry room or even an office adds a lot of charm.




Source: Knittering in Appalachia

Organizing a space with baskets or crates is a great decorating idea. Often times you can even find the metal baskets at the Dollar Store. It cleans up clutter but offers a great accent piece.