DIY Fall Decor Sign


SIGNS! SIGNS! And more SIGNS! Signs are a really popular trend right now. I think that Joanna Gaines has something do with that but who knows. Joanna is my answer to everything these days. I personally love the style. I think that farmhouse sayings and rustic signs are a great decor piece for a small wall you just don’t know what to do with or just leaning one on your entry way table.

I think that besides decorating, Signs can have a great meaning to them. Whether its your favorite quote, or just something that makes you laugh. I think that positive sayings around your home is a MUST. So instead of just “Pinning” sayings, Hang them up!

As I have said in the past. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I love everything fall besides being cold! I saw this fall sign on Pinterest and I knew that I had to make it for myself. I made mine a little different but I loved how it turned out.  Isn’t it adorable?!



Here’s how I made it:



As you can see the piece of wood that I had was a little rough with holes in the knots of the wood. I also had a crack running down the board. It was only on one side so I decided to use Simple Seal Caulking material to fill in the imperfections. You want to smooth this on as best you can. Any access caulk you can sand off after it has dried.


After You have sealed the cracks and holes of your wood. Sand it down and prep for stain. If your wood doesn’t have any imperfections and you can go straight to sanding. Feel free to skip the seal step.

After sanding the board smooth. I turned it over to the side I wanted my letters to go on. I applied 3 coats of Dark Walnut Stain to the board. The amount of coats you apply is entirely up to you. I wanted my words to be a rich dark color.

I only stained one side of the board where the letters were going to show.


After your stain has dried apply your vinyl letters. I played around with this on my Silhouette Cameo program until I got the fonts that I liked.


I struggled to get the vinyl to stick to the board. I think that the oil from the stain made it a little challenging so I made sure I went over every single letter with my finger to apply pressure and to make sure each letter was secure.



I covered the entire board in 3 coats of Antique White paint. Again, the amount of coats is entirely up to you. I noticed after 2 coats it was more rustic and whethered looking. I decided to add 1 more for a cleaner look.

You may have noticed I did leave some knots and holes in the front for a rustic appeal to it.


After the paint has tried carefully remove the vinyl letters. I also sanded the edges and loved that the dark stain showed through on the edges as well. Some of the paint bled through onto a few of my letters but I actually think it adds to the rustic charm I was going for.

I love using vinyl for stencil when making signs because I think it looks hand painted and there isn’t a risk of any vinyl coming off in storage.


I ended up making 2 of these. One is a little darker than the other. I used Antique White for both signs.. Just different brands.

What a perfect addition to any fall decor!

Here is the original source for my Inspiration: The Crafting Chicks