Inexpensive High Quality Sports Bra


Whether you are a homemaker, workout junky or just a sweats lounger when your not at the office, This is the perfect bra for you! If you are anything like me wearing bras is like wearing a zip-tie around your chest. I am a stay at home mom and I love a good yoga pant and sports bra kind of day. The only issue is whether we like it or not bras are expensive and even a good sports bra is around $20 for 1.  I found the perfect high quality supportive bra on amazon. The best thing about this deal is it comes in a pack of 3 for less than $25. I often feel guilty when I spend money on myself because I think that every cent needs to go to my child or buy something at the grocery store. I have found that I am not really alone in feeling that way. So a good deal is almost always worth splurging for.

Pros: I love the feel of these bras. They are so thick and the support is better than the Nike brand that I have stuffed in my drawer somewhere.

The colors are vibrant and don’t fade in the wash. They also wash and dry really well and the inside padding doesn’t fall apart. At-least mine haven’t and I’ve had them for about a year.

Cons: The only downfall about this product is I would recommend ordering a size larger than you are. They are so supportive that they fit snug. But don’t let that steer you away. I wish I would’ve ordered a size up but the ones I have are still comfortable enough to sleep in.

Order them NOW! You know you want to…