Picture Frame Calendar

Don’t throw out those old frames sitting in your garage. Up cycle them into a cute and decorative dry erase calendar!

I loved this project. It is one of my most used and favorite things that I have made. As a mom it seems like I am always on the go as well as most moms you might meet. I actually made one of these a few years ago but it ended up falling and breaking. I was SOOO SAD! So I decided to make a new one.

This is so much fun because you can do so many things with this. Usually when you buy a calendar that’s dry erase or chalkboard they include so many other things that you don’t need like menus and to do’s. It usually takes up a lot of unwanted calendar space and is usually WAY overpriced. Making your own is effective because you can add what you want to it, Make it the size you want, cheaper and looks decorative.

Here’s how to make one!


You Will Need

  •  Inch Frame or Chalkboard (I used a 14×18 inch Frame)

  • Measuring Tape

  • Art Tape ( I used 1/4 inch Black )

  • Scissors or Exacto Knife

  • Hot Glue

  • Magnets or Wall Hanging material

  • Window Cleaner

  • Chalk Markers

I started out with a 14×18 inch frame from Walmart. You can use any size you want, This is the size I was going for because I wanted it to be able to fit onto my refrigerator door. Other options for a frame is to get a chalkboard and use white taping for a chalkboard calendar. Or to save even more money on this you could get a frame at a local goodwill store or yardsale and spray paint the frame in the color that you are wanting.

I proceeded by taking out the glass and cleaning it with window cleaner first. This is important so that the tape sticks onto a clean surface instead of dust.

After cleaning I laid the glass onto a measuring mat. If you dont have one of these a regular ruler or measuring tape will do just fine.


Using 1/4 inch of Art Tape, Or 1/8 of an inch art tape if you are wanting a skinnier line. I went with 1/4 inch because I liked the bold lines. I left 3 inches at the top and taped it off for the Months. I used a calculator to divide the remaining inches by 5 for the Length. And divided 18 inches by 7 for the width.

I ended up taping off every 2 1/4 inches horizontally and 2 1/2 inches vertically. Cut off any long pieces off the sides of the glass.


I hot glued the glass so that the tape was facing towards the back of the frame. And the smooth part was at the front of the frame. So when you wrote on the glass it would be smooth.

I also hot glued extra strength large magnets onto the corners of the frame so that it would stick to my refrigerator door.


Wait for everything to dry before mounting and then you are ready to decorate! I look forward to this every month so I can update my calendar!


The Markers that I use are AMAZING. They are called Chalk Ink Markers and work just like chalk but on Glass. I love them because they come in all sorts of color sets and the colors are a lot more readable and bolder!

Happy Crafting!!