Wood Post Pumpkins

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PUMPKINS! PUMPKINS! PUMPKINS! Tis the season for Pumpkins. I have seen so many different ways to make pumpkins decorative. In my last post about Front Porch Decorating  you may have gotten a bunch of ideas about decorating with your own “REAL” pumpkins but I wanted to try and make my own out of some wooden posts that I had. Here are a few examples of different ways you can make pumpkins.

Painted tree sections and embellished with leaves... Pumpkins!  Block Pumpkins - Halloween decorations made from pallet wood.                                                                                                                                                      More

fun wood pumpkins-cut & paint 2x4s (or use leftover pcs from hubbies project!) :o)

The list is honestly ENDLESS on the ways you can create pumpkins. Using real ones for decoration is great. I do that as well. But they usually do not last throughout Halloween and Thanksgiving so making custom ones is a great way to knock out both holidays!

Here’s how to make Wood Post Pumpkins:

This used to be a 4×4 post that was cut into pieces and sanded. My measurements are..
Large: 4×21 Inches
Medium: 4×17 Inches
Small: 4×13 Inches

If you do not have a saw you can go to a local Home Depot or Lowes and they will cut your wood for you.


The next step that I did was paint them all orange. However I really didn’t like that they were so boxy looking. I really wanted my “Pumpkins” to have more shape to them. So I took a chisel to them!


Please don’t judge my chisel skills it was the first time I had used one. I started by placing a chisel and hammering down and then pulling off the wood. I really didn’t know what I was doing but that’s what I love about crafting so much. You get to play around.
I chiseled the edges and middles of the posts.


After I was don’t experimenting with the chisel. I put another coat of orange paint. It doesn’t have to be perfect because I knew I was just going to distress it with the sander.

They still look boxy but with a little more “OOMPH”.


After You have chiseled and painted. Take your sander and run over the edges and chiseled lines for a more distress look. This also helps see the grooves in the posts more noticeable.

I then cut off a branch outside and cut 3 long stems from it. And hot glued them onto my posts. I hot glued green ribbon and made my “PUMPKINS” sign from my silhouette machine. I fastened the sign with wire.
I initially wanted to add more ribbons to the top but I ended up liking the simplicity of just one ribbon.


Aren’t they FUN?! This was such a fun and easy project. I really loved how these turned out! I decided to set mine out on my front porch but these really would look great anywhere you decide to place them. The best part about them is I can leave them out for Halloween and Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Crafting!

DIY Fall Decor Sign


SIGNS! SIGNS! And more SIGNS! Signs are a really popular trend right now. I think that Joanna Gaines has something do with that but who knows. Joanna is my answer to everything these days. I personally love the style. I think that farmhouse sayings and rustic signs are a great decor piece for a small wall you just don’t know what to do with or just leaning one on your entry way table.

I think that besides decorating, Signs can have a great meaning to them. Whether its your favorite quote, or just something that makes you laugh. I think that positive sayings around your home is a MUST. So instead of just “Pinning” sayings, Hang them up!

As I have said in the past. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I love everything fall besides being cold! I saw this fall sign on Pinterest and I knew that I had to make it for myself. I made mine a little different but I loved how it turned out.  Isn’t it adorable?!

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Dollar Store Hacks


Decorating your home is a lot of fun but can be very expensive. Alot of the time even a simple vase can cost you more than you want to spend. Did you ever think to look at the Dollar Store for home decor items? Target is right next to the Dollar Store where I live and I often find myself forgetting about the Dollar Store most of the time. I love Target but I have found that I can make or even buy some of these “expensive things” i would normally buy at Target at the Dollar Store.

I have put together a few ideas for home decor as well as other organization hacks that can be found at the Dollar Store. Some of these things absolutely shocked me! Enjoy.

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4th of July Door Hanger

This DIY Fourth of July hanging decoration is so simple to make and looks great anywhere you hang it!

The Fourth of July has always been such a HUGE celebrated Holiday in my family so it has been one of my favorites to celebrate. I love everything about it, from engaging in summer fun activities, snow cones, fireworks, BBQ’s, Swimming. You name it! Everything about those things spent with family are memories worth making.

I saw this project on Pinterest on thought it was so CUTE! I knew I wanted to make it. I always think that the most simple projects end up being the cutest decorations.

I also wanted something to hang on my Welcome Post. If you are wondering how to get one of those than check out how to make your own HERE!

www.cranecreations.org (1)

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Picture Frame Calendar

Don’t throw out those old frames sitting in your garage. Up cycle them into a cute and decorative dry erase calendar!

I loved this project. It is one of my most used and favorite things that I have made. As a mom it seems like I am always on the go as well as most moms you might meet. I actually made one of these a few years ago but it ended up falling and breaking. I was SOOO SAD! So I decided to make a new one.

This is so much fun because you can do so many things with this. Usually when you buy a calendar that’s dry erase or chalkboard they include so many other things that you don’t need like menus and to do’s. It usually takes up a lot of unwanted calendar space and is usually WAY overpriced. Making your own is effective because you can add what you want to it, Make it the size you want, cheaper and looks decorative.

Here’s how to make one!

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Cake Stand Decor


I’ve always loved walking into a house and seeing fresh pastries or cakes underneath that glass covering on a cake stand. It always seems so homey and welcoming to me. I love displaying goodies in the kitchen but i’m finding that cake stands can serve more purposes than by just displaying desserts or collecting dust on your pantry shelf.

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Got Mason Jars?

We all have random stuff all over our house right? Some people may have a ton of Mason Jars left over from canning projects or perhaps a party. What the heck do we do with all of them? I know if you watch the Pioneer Woman you might see her drinking out of one instead of a glass or she uses it to mix homemade salad dressings together.

I came across a blog awhile back about mason jar decor and ideas on how to up cycle them into beautiful and simple decor for around the home. If your interested in maybe seeing some of her ideas her blog is kellysdiy.com .

12 DIYMason Jar Ideas

A lot of what I have included are for sale around the web. I know there are people who are absolutely clueless on how to make things or don’t know where to start. I wrote out exactly how to make each item listed yourself for a lot cheaper than if you were to just buy them online.

Below are some great ideas for those Mason Jars that take up way to much space in your cabinets. So before you haul them off to the thrift stores take a look at these fun projects!

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Easy & Creative Easter Baskets

Putting together Easter Baskets can either be stressful or it can be fun! I came across quite a few unique and creative Easter baskets for all ages. In our family we just do baskets for kids but I thought some of the adult ones were really fun and creative as well. 

Over 20 Creative Easter Basket Ideas

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Deco Mesh Easter Wreath Tutorial

I love Easter! The colors are always so bright and vibrant and it seems like most peoples yards are in full bloom. Except for ours.. we have been slacking this spring. It has been so busy for us this season. I’m hoping we will end up being late bloomers. 

Besides my yard I love to decorate my house and its a HUGE pet peeve of mine to not have a wreath on my door. Like seriously…. I’m OCD about it. Wreaths can be pretty expensive especially making them yourself. I insist on making my wreaths because they can be as big or small as I want them to be and have the look I want. The key to making wreaths is to buy your supplies after the holiday has ended. Last year in 2016 I bought most of my materials at Michael’s Easter 75% off sale. In the end if you plan things out right it is in fact Cheaper to DIY.

This year in 2017 is how I made it. 

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Spring Pallet Projects

Buying the lumber for projects can get pretty pricey depending on how much you need. So finding the best deal is always a plus. 

DIY (1)

I bet a lot of you have noticed stacks of pallets out back by your local grocery or hardware stores dumpster. It usually is SUCH an eye sore but it is actually a gold mine! Most stores will just give them to you for FREE!!!! When taken apart right you will then have free lumber to help create beautiful projects around your house instead of spending your precious hard-earned dollars on paying for lumber. 

Here are some ideas to use those trash pallets into spring time GOLD. 

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