DIY Fall Decor Sign


SIGNS! SIGNS! And more SIGNS! Signs are a really popular trend right now. I think that Joanna Gaines has something do with that but who knows. Joanna is my answer to everything these days. I personally love the style. I think that farmhouse sayings and rustic signs are a great decor piece for a small wall you just don’t know what to do with or just leaning one on your entry way table.

I think that besides decorating, Signs can have a great meaning to them. Whether its your favorite quote, or just something that makes you laugh. I think that positive sayings around your home is a MUST. So instead of just “Pinning” sayings, Hang them up!

As I have said in the past. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I love everything fall besides being cold! I saw this fall sign on Pinterest and I knew that I had to make it for myself. I made mine a little different but I loved how it turned out.  Isn’t it adorable?!

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Spring Pallet Projects

Buying the lumber for projects can get pretty pricey depending on how much you need. So finding the best deal is always a plus. 

DIY (1)

I bet a lot of you have noticed stacks of pallets out back by your local grocery or hardware stores dumpster. It usually is SUCH an eye sore but it is actually a gold mine! Most stores will just give them to you for FREE!!!! When taken apart right you will then have free lumber to help create beautiful projects around your house instead of spending your precious hard-earned dollars on paying for lumber. 

Here are some ideas to use those trash pallets into spring time GOLD. 

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